Rabbi Meyer Schwartzman
Meyer Einei Yeshorim

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Rabbi Meyer Schwartzman, Meyer Einei Yeshorim,
שורצמן, מאיר עיני ישרים – בראשית
1952 Philipp Feldheim 45 Essex St.
NY ex-library Rabbi Meir Schwartzman
 Meir Schwartzman

After escaping the war, the Schwartzmans settled in Winnipeg, Canada, where Meyer joined the Agudat Yisrael organization and became the Chief Rabbi of Winnipeg, as well as the pulpit rabbi of the shul Beyt Yehudah (appointed in 1940). He was involved in disputes between two Kashrut organizations. Rabbi Meyer wrote many books, or sefarim, on Chasidic history, literature, and culture. He also wrote a collection of sefarim on the 5 books of the Torah titled “Meir Eyney Yesharim” which are perhaps his most famous works. Rabbi Meyer Schwartzman was an avid reader and is remembered for cramming every wall in his study with books. He is well known amongst Gere Chassidim as he was a Gere chassid himself. via geni.com


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