Книга Йоны ( Раши, Радак) ФримаГурфинкель, Русский, Иврит

July 29, 2016

Understanding Onkelos, Pinchas

July 28, 2016

A Guide for rabbis, Teachers,
and Torah Students to Study and
Understanding the Weekly Torah
Reading through The Eyes of its
Most important Translator.
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Onkelos Pinchas

70 Bulls, 70 angelic beings, 70 different tongues. p. 296

July 27, 2016

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Meam Loez, Pinchas

Meam Loez, Pinchas



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July 27, 2016

Concordance of the Mishneh Torah Being the Yad Hachazakah of
Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon Maimonides HEBREW TEXT Volume 4, 6-11
Otsar Lashon haRambam by David Assaf
קונקורדנציה לספר משנה תורה … לרבנו משה בן מימון
Concordance  קונקורדנציה לספר משנה תורה … לרבנו משה בן מימון
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Mishneh Torah, Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen

July 26, 2016

In 1551, Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen contacted the owner of the Guistiniani printing press with a proposal for printing Maimonides’s

Bragadini press

Maimonides’s Mishneh Torah

 with a commentary he had written. The printer refused. Disappointed but still determined, the Rabbi then brought the same proposal to Alvise Bragadini, owner of the new and less-established Bragadini press, who agreed to publish it. The phenomenal success of the Mishneh Torah in its new format attracted the attention of Guistiniani, who then hurried to print an identical edition of the book. European Jewish communities declared a boycott against the pirated Guistiniani edition, but despite this, the printer refused to acknowledge his defeat, and instead appealed directly to the Pope to settle the dispute. In order to damage one another’s credibility, the rival printing press owners hurled accusations that the other had, in his edition, inserted heresy against Christianity and the Catholic Church. The Pope’s decision stunned both sides: in the summer of 1553, Pope Julius III ordered all Hebrew books – first and foremost the Talmud – to be brought to Rome’s central square, where they were burned.  This decree was then carried out in other cities across Italy including Venice. National Library of Israel

The Sources of the Midrash Echah Rabbah

July 21, 2016

The Sources of the Midrash Echah Rabbah: A Critical Investigationby Joseph Abrahams Archive.org

 Midrash Echah Rabbah

Echah Rabbah

Eichah, Essential Torah

July 20, 2016

Torah Temimah

In this contemporary classic (Baruch Halevi Epstein), every verse in Megillas Eichah is explained in accordance with its Talmudic derivation, expressing the synthesis of Talmud and Tanach.

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July 20, 2016
Joseph Solomon Delmedigo

Delmedigo translated several Averroist treatises for Pico

photo “The Haggadah of Passover of the Maharal” Delmedigo translated several Averroist treatises for Pico Della Mirandola

Kabbalah: Rosicrucian Digest Kindle Edition
Introduction to the Sefer Yetzirah by Aryeh Kaplan, Pico della Mirandola and the Cabala by  Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
by Rosicrucian Order AMORC (Author), Ralph Maxwell Lewis (Author), Julie Scott (Author), Lloyd Abrams (Author), Christian Rebisse (Author), Aryeh Kaplan (Author), Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (Author) Amazon Kindle

Kosel, Western Wall, Wailing Wall

July 20, 2016

“… kotel הַכֹּתֶל הַמַּעֲרָבִי   appears only once (Shir Hashirim 2:9). Kotel likely has Aramaic origins, and Klein points out that the Aramaic cognate כתלא kutla is probably a loan word from the Akkadian kutallu – “back side”. It was used frequently in rabbinic Hebrew, but in modern Hebrew it’s generally reserved to describe the western retaining […]

Tiferes Yisrael R. Israel Lifschitz, Shevilei de’Rakiya,

July 19, 2016

Mishnah Tractate Rosh Hashanah with the Commentary of Rabbi Ovadiah MiBartinura
Appendix. Shevilei de’Rakiya, an introduction to the principles of Rabbinical Astronomy
Kuntres Magid Ha’rakia by Dr. Jeffry R. Cohen. $16.01 Amazon

 Shevilei de'Rakiya, an introduction to the principles of Rabbinical astronomy

Israel Lipschitz

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Nesivos Olam, Nesiv HaAvodah, Maharal of Prague

July 15, 2016

$0.00 kindleunlimeted His Nesiv HaAvodah answers many fundamental questions about prayer: Why does it work? Why is it necessary? Why does it have to be verbally articulated? How did prayer originate? What is the relationship between prayer and the sacrificial services? The Maharal also delves into the inner meaning of many individual prayers. This adaptation […]

Maharal’s Be’er ha-Golah and His Revolution in Aggadic Scholarship

July 15, 2016

Kindle $ 0.99 This is an article from Hakirah volume 4. In the realm of classic Jewish thought, Rabbi Yehudah Liva ben Bezִalel, the Maharal of Prague, was a solitary revolutionary, especially in the elucidation of Aggadah, the nonlegal components of the Talmud and Midrash. On the one hand, he belonged to no well-defined school, […]

May my website generate revenue on Shabbos?

July 10, 2016

But income from a website is not predicated on fixed revenue—payment is received “per click” whether site traffic takes place on Shabbos or weekday. However, since the income isn’t real schar Shabbos—it’s not generated by the Shabbos observer’s work per se—it is considered mechzei k’schar Shabbos (appearing to be schar Shabbos). As such, we can […]

The Rebbe’s Nigunim

July 8, 2016

Gut Shabbos

July 8, 2016

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Tales of the Baal Shem Tov

July 6, 2016

Translation of Kol sipure Ba’al-Shem-Tov. A collection of stories and biographical sketches taken from reliable sources, by Yisroel Yaakov Klapholtz. “The Baal Shem Tov taught that Judaism and Torah are the property of all Jews; that every Jew, regardless of station or background or endowments, is perfectly capable of serving G‑d; and that ahavas Yisroel […]

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Ben Ish Chai (Hai) The Power of Torah Anthology
Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad(Iraq) (1833-1909) was one of the most brilliant and prolific Sefardic sages of his time. Best known for his halachic work, the Ben Ish Chai, he wrote over seventy books on all areas of Torah study, from responsa to mussar to Kabalah. Read more »

Ben Ish Chai Birkas Horeiach

July 4, 2016

matzav.com “Two volumes of the Ben Ish Chai‘s hitherto undiscovered droshos were printed for the first time this week in two beautiful volumes titled Birkas Horeiach. The manuscript was discovered by American troops among 2,700 seforim and tens of thousands of Jewish documents in a flooded basement of Iraq’s intelligence headquarters after Saddam Hussein’s downfall […]