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May 22, 2017

Halakhic Man by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik $12 PayPal
Halakhic Man

Talmud by Pierre-Henry Salfati

May 22, 2017

Talmud (Documents Societe) French Ed. by P. H. Salfati
$14 PayPal

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Inspiring Change by Aba Wagensberg

May 22, 2017

Torah Lessons on Expressing Your Innate Potential
Bonus 166-page Encyclopedic Reference $20 PayPal
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The Zohar: Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

May 21, 2017

THE ZOHAR Vol. V by Harry Sperling The Soncino Press
$16 PayPal

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Studies in Rashi, Shelach – Pinchas

May 20, 2017

Studies in Rashi, Shelach – Pinchas (Chassidic Heritage) R. Menachem M. Schneerson. sold

History of the Jews, by Heinrich Graetz

May 19, 2017

eBooks: History of the Jews, Vol. 1-6 by Heinrich Graetz

the History of Mashadi Jews

May 19, 2017

Two Centuries of Resistance the History of Mashadi Jews Vol. 1
by Amir Kaoli (no dj) 2004 $60 PayPal
The story of the Jews of Mashad
VOL I, The story of the Jews of Mashad . Heritage & History Committee of the Mashadi Community

Jewish Books Confiscated 1731

May 18, 2017

Giovanni Antonio Costanzi, the Vatican librarian and author of a catalog of the Vatican’s Hebrew manuscripts, directed searches in all the Jewish quarters throughout the Papal States to confiscate Jewish holy books. The confiscation began on the 22nd Iyar in 1731. More confiscations continued over the next twenty years.

Midrash Rabbah, Jusefef

May 18, 2017

1867 מידרש רבות ביוזעפאף
Midrash Rabbah

Siddur HaShalom, USSR

May 18, 2017

Siddur HaShalom (Soviet Russia) Moscow, 1956; 1968.
Edited by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Levine Rabbi of Moscow
סדור השלם אשר י”ל במוסקבה

Молитвенник Мир, Молитвы на весь год
под редакцией московского равина Л.И. Левина
$90 PayPal
“Found on Page 71 is an interesting censor correction – in Al HaNissim, “al hamilchamot” was erased”
via Kedem Auctions page 93, lot 163
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