Laws of Sacrifices in Temple

December 10, 2017

ספר חוקי הקורבנות
the Laws of the Sacrifices
in the Beis HaMikdash by Shaul Shefer
the Laws of the Sacrifices
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Kasher M. M. Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation
Vols 1-9 Complete Set

December 4, 2017

The Rishonim

November 16, 2017

The Rishonim: Biographical sketches of the prominent early sages and leaders. ArtScroll Judaiscope series. English and Hebrew Edition Hardcover 1986 Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm, Shmuel Teich. sold

Otsar Leshon Chachamim

November 6, 2017

אוצר לשון חכמים,פרלא eBay
Otsar Leshon Chachamim by K. A. Perla

Kalman Avigdor Perla, ספר אוצר לשון חכמים: כולל שבעת אלפים אמרי חז״ל, משלים ומשלי עם Sefer Otzar Leshon Chachamim: Yerushalayim Rubin Mas, 1969. Alphabetic thesaurus of Rabbinic sayings with explanations; contains 7000 Talmudic sayings culled from the Talmud Bavli, Yerushalmi, Sifra, Sifri Tosefta, Mechilta, Avot D’rabi Natan, Pesikta, the Minor tractates, Midrash Rabbah, Midrash Tanchuma, Zohar- arranged in Alphabetical order with notes to explain ancient Greek and Roman words as well as interesting comparisons to medieval French and German parables.

Peshuto Shel Mikra V.2

August 8, 2017

שמעון כשר נח לך לך, Peshuto Shel Mikra
Vol. 2 Noach, Lech Lechah by Shimon Kasher
PayPal $18, free domestic shipping
 תורה שלמה

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All about the mikdash

July 25, 2017

History and Chronicles about the Har Habayith, Mishkan,
Batei Mikdash Vessels of the Mishkan and the Mikdashim
Korbonoth, Kotel Hamaaravi and tales of wonder concerning
them as chronicled in Jewish history.
Explained and recounted for fathers and sons.
Compiled: G. Mah-Tov Translation:
Sheindel Weinbach JERUSALEM 1985 (Very Hard to Find)
All about the mikdash

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Pahad Yizhak Vol.2 by Rabbi Lampronti

July 22, 2017

Pachad Yitzchak, Rabbinical Encyclopedia by Rabbi Lampronti

revised and combined edition with annotations
by Baruch Mordecai Cohen

$16 PayPal
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Encyclopedia Meir Nativ

June 27, 2017

אניצקלופדיה מאיר נתיב
אניצקלופדיה מאיר נתיב
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Inspiring Change by Aba Wagensberg

May 22, 2017

Torah Lessons on Expressing Your Innate Potential
Bonus 166-page Encyclopedic Reference $20 PayPal
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the History of Mashadi Jews

May 19, 2017

Two Centuries of Resistance the History of Mashadi Jews Vol. 1
by Amir Kaoli (no dj) 2004 $60 PayPal
The story of the Jews of Mashad
VOL I, The story of the Jews of Mashad . Heritage & History Committee of the Mashadi Community