Moed, Mishnayoth Vol. 2 by Philip Blackman

September 25, 2017

reprint 2006 the Judaica Press
Mishnayoth Vol. 2 Order Moed
by Philip Blackman paperback
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Bobo Kamo, Bobo Metzio, Bobo Basro

May 11, 2017

Mishnayoth Bobo Kamo, Bobo Metzio, Bobo Basro, Sanhedrin. Kehot 1952
Mishnayoth Bobo Kamo, Metzio, Basro, Sanhedrin
$40 PayPal
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Mishnayoth, Kodashim Vol. V

May 11, 2017

Mishnayoth, Order Kodashim, Volume V, English/Hebrew,
Second Edition: Corrected, Enlarged, Revised
by Philip Blackman Judaica Press 1977 $18 PayPal
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The Amazon Package @ Shabbos

May 5, 2017

“Assuming that the package is not inherently Muktzah, the Mishna Brurah (307:56) rules that the fact that they came from outside the Techum does not, by definition, make them Muktzah. We see in Hilchos Yom Tov (OC Siman 515) that even though one may not benefit from something that was brought to him from beyond the Techum – it is not necessarily Muktzah. How so? Because another Jew may benefit from it. ” By Rabbi Yair Hoffman (more) theYeshivaWorld.com

Parah, Taharoth

April 19, 2017

Mishnayoth Vol., VI Taharoth, פרה
by Philip Blackman, Acceptable $14 PayPal
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Maimonides’ Code Of Law And Ethics: Mishneh Torah [Paperback] [1974] Philip Birnbaum

January 27, 2017

Maimonides’ Code Of Law And Ethics
Mishneh Torah  by Philip Birnbaum 1974
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Kerithoth, mishnah 6

November 21, 2016

$18 amazon
” one who has sexual intercourse with his mother in law may thereby become liable( to seven sin offering) by virtue of(the laws that forbid sexual connexion with) his mother in law…”
Mishnayoth, Kodashim
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The Mishneh Torah by Moses Hyamson

November 16, 2016

$26 Amazon
The Mishneh Torah. Maimonides’ Code. Book II
Edited according to the Bodleian CodexMishneh Torah Book 2

Mishnayoth, Supplement & Index

October 6, 2016

$76 Amazon  $64 PayPal free shipping
Mishnayoth, Supplement and Index,
Corrected, Enlarged, Revised by P. Blackman


Companion Mishnayot, Niddah by Heshey Zecler

September 6, 2016

2 for $16 PayPal
משניות חברותא נדה
A linear translation of the Mishnah with explanations,
commentaries, and footnotes. Hebrew and English texts

Companion Mishnayot: Niddah

Companion Mishnayot: Niddah